Dealers Perception towards turnaround strategies of Modi Rubber Ltd

vijay verma, Dr. Praveen Shrivastava


An abstract- Turnaround strategy is a corporate practice designed and planned to protect a loss making company and transform it into a profit making one. If we focus on any manufacturing company which is suffering from losses due to excess idle time taken by the labors to complete their jobs or due to excessive lethargic selling team or incomparable bad policies related with the after sales service or the complex policies of landing price of the product, the company will follow turnaround strategy to reduce labor inactivity by installing modern machines or by recruiting a new selling team or provide good training to old team. In case of bad policies for service, the company has to turnaround by introducing excessive new policies which should be more favorable for existing customers. Further, in case of ineffective landing price of the product, the company should turnaround in that way the prices of the product are most suitable and profitable for the dealers. Modi Rubber Ltd was a big concern and due to some reasons it faced heavy losses in 2001 and since then it is almost out of the automobile market.  Modi Rubber is, however, looking at regaining possession of the company’s Modinagar factory, to re-enter the market for motorcycle, tractor and light commercial vehicle (LCV) tyres. This paper focuses the dealer’s perception towards turnaround strategies of Modi Rubber Ltd, that this company can sustain in the current market scenario and it can get its previous regime with more than twenty percent share in the Indian Tyre Market.

Key words – Turn around strategies, Landing price, Market share.


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