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Customer service with quality is important in banks, which are the systems and organizational arrangement, as well as the characteristics and behavior of employees/employers towards customers. In order to increase goodwill, capture more customers and to gain customer loyalty, the banks strive to offer quality services. This study was undertaken to know the perception of customers towards the public sector banks in Tamil Nadu. Descriptive study method has adopted and convenience sampling technique was followed. On that basis, a sample size of  256 customers of different public sector banks was selected for this purpose from the major cities of Tamil Nadu state namely, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and Trichy by using Servqual instrument developed by Parasuraman et al., 1998. The result shows that the demographic variables of the respondents have strong negative correlation with the study variables. It is very clear from this study that service quality leads to higher perceived values, customer trust, reputation, customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction.

Key Words: Customer satisfaction, Perceived Values, Customer Trust, Reputation, Customer Loyalty, Service Quality



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