Impact of Family Ownership on Investment Decisions A comparative study of Food Producing Sector

Umair Khaliq, Aneela Khalid, Muhammad Abdullah


The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between family ownership and investment decision makings of the companies. In Pakistan, fifty nine percent of the public companies are family firms. The major sector constituting most family firms listed on KSE is Food Producers so we took our sample data from this sector. We presumed that the greatest ownership in a company significantly impacts the investment decisions. We also proposed that the family ownership has a significant impact on the investment decision making. We categorized companies into 2 classifications according to 25 percent and 50 percent family ownership companies. The independent variable is change in net fixed assets and independent variable is family ownership and greatest ownership. The regression results concluded that the greatest ownership in the firms has a significant impact on the investment decisions of the firms. On the other hand, we found positive insignificant impact of family ownership on the investment decisions.


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