Dr.M.Prasanna Mohan raj, Mr.Niranjan Ramesh, Ms. Snigdha Biyani



India has become a hub for outsourcing. This means a great deal of employment opportunities and making a place in the global arena. Indian IT industry runs over 90% into exports. The top six players contribute to over 36% of the total revenues generated by the industry. (IBEF report, 2013) .There are 5 companies with over 40,000 employees and more than 4500 IT companies running in the country (IBEF report, 2013). The major growth drivers that play a very important role in the evolution of the industry are the economic fluctuations, external forces like the economies of other countries, talent pool, scope for infrastructural improvements, policy framework and the political scenario of the nation. On a broader perspective, Indian IT companies are not on the charts. With IBM bagging over 6% of the global market, followed by HP at 5% followed by Accenture, FDC and so on(marketline report, 2013). By 2016, the global IT sector is estimated to have grown by 31% of the current size, in terms of sales and revenues (marketline report, 2013). The Indian companies have a long way to go and the recommendations for the future growth have been given later in this report. Some argue that it has reached or will reach a stagnation point in the foreseeable future, in terms of innovation and growth. That is yet to be seen but we can do our best to make sure that it doesn’t happen or if it has.


Keywords: BCG matrix, Porters five forces, SWOT, Innovation and Indian IT industry,


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