Discrimination in Indian Labour Market

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The unorganized workers account for about 93 percent of the total workforce and the share of unorganized sector is about 50 per cent in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India. But it is observed that workers in this sector are highly vulnerable to job security and social protection. The conditions of women workers in the informant sector are highly vulnerable than men workers. It is also observed that the number of workers in unorganized sector (informalization of working class) has increased during the last decade. The majority of the workers in unorganized sector who do not get social security benefits are from disadvantaged sections of the society. Workers in informal sector are found to be paid even less than one third of the formal sector wage. Very low living standard is workers in the informal sector as compared to public sector and formal sector because of wage inequality by sectors.

Key Words: Gender Discrimination, Wage Differences, Unorganized Workers


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