Indian Vegetable Sector- An overview



India has wide range of climate and physiogeographical conditions for horticulture production. Besides meeting the increasing demand of the domestic population, which continues to grow, in India per capita availability of vegetables has doubled. The proportion of households consuming horticulture, egg and meat products has increased three-fold in urban areas and two and a half times in rural areas. Cconsumption diversification has occupied major portion over food grain production and consumption India and The production of fresh vegetables and their net availability increased at the rate of 4.40 per cent per annum from 1991-92 to 2009-10. The exports also steadily increased at the rate of 10.55 per cent annually, but the actual quantity of export was not in a considerable order to make ascending growth in the net availability of vegetables in the country.  Moreover, the population growth in India has been about 1.84 per cent per annum, and annual per capita availability of vegetables has grown at the rate of 2.54 per cent and need to be focused on the marketing activities such as absolute lack of quality inputs and extension backup at proper time and after harvest processes is necessary.


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