The effect of religious commitment on Halal brand relationship and purchase intention

Mahdi Borzooei, Maryam Asgari


Religionis a crucial element of every culture that is influential determinant of humanbehavior in daily life and marketplace. The purpose of this study is proposinga model to determine the effect of religious commitment on Halal brandrelationship and purchase intention. A review of literature was conducted topropose the theoretical framework based on the recognized variables. Inaddition, the paper provides insight of each variable of the theoretical model.The goal of the implementing religious commitment with intrapersonal andinterpersonal dimensions is to identify the effect of this construct on Halalpurchase intention as well as relationship with the Halal brand.Specially, the role of consumer-brand relationships is highlighted as a mediatingvariable between religiosity and purchase intention. Furthermore, practicalimplication of this research extends to the new window for marketers andbusinesses in different countries involved in the Halal market to knowthe importance of consumers’ religiosity. Making a durable relationship withthe Halal brand assists corporations to maintain the association withtheir consumers (Muslim and non-Muslim) in this lucrative market. Finally, thisstudy is one of the first to highlight the effect of religious commitment in theHalal market.

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