A Study on Customer Readiness towards Store Brands of Reliance Mart, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

sandeep kumar machavolu


The present study endeavors to investigate the perception of consumers towards store brands of Reliance Mart, Nellore. The aim of the  study is to comprehend the chances of a retailer to thrive when they introduce store brands. The objective of the research is to investigate if consumer make their buying choice based on brand-loyalty and to examine the consumes' readiness towards new brands.                                  A comprehensive investigation is carried out on the customers opinion by taking up a survey with a sample-size of 150 respondents (75 from Food & grocery section and 75 from Fashion & Apparel section)  from Nellore region using a structured and undisguised questionnaire.                      The data so gathered is examined using statistical tools and the study reveals that most of the youth have positive opinion towards the store brands in fashion-wear and accessories. A majority of the respondents opined that quality, reliability and brand image are the dominant aspects that differentiate store brands with national and regional brands.


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