Impact On Factors Determining Purchase Behavioural Pattern and Their Relationship over Customer Satisfaction among the South Indian Hypermarkets



Each and Every Indian consumer plays a major in the development of retail sector. Also due to the heavy competition, technological advances and continuously changing consumer purchase preferences due to the various factors like change in lifestyle, social status, made the organised retailers to focus more on their marketing strategies in order meet the growing consumer demand and gain high customer satisfaction. In this research study, the main focus is on the factors influencing purchase pattern and their relationship over customer satisfaction. The Researcher carried out a descriptive research and study is based on organised Hypermarkets in Coimbatore City and the researcher collected 150 samples from the major retail hypermarkets in Coimbatore City. The researcher used convenience sampling method and prepared structured questionnaires for data collection. The Outcome of this research study reveals the purchase pattern through various consumer experiences and their relationship with overall customer satisfaction among organised hypermarkets


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