Supporting HIV positive adolescents and youth born with HIV virus: everyone’s role

francis n/a maushe


This paper serves to educate the general populace on the need to support adolescents and youths who are born with HIV virus. They have their hopes and dreams for the future which they want to achieve, there is life in the positive world, it is not the end of the world for them. As a result paper intends to educate people to understand more about what it means to live with HIV as an adolescent and as a youth. There is of understanding the way the youths and the adolescents feel, what they want and how they can be helped.

The paper is in three parts. The first one being definition of adolescents and youths. HIV and AIDS shall also be defined. The second and third parts shall run concurrent. I will be looking at difficulties these two age groups face, their expectations, needs and other things relevant to them. The other part will focus on what parents, other guardians, other siblings, friends and the community at large need to do in order to light the future of these unfortunate children.

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