Impact of ICT on the Financial Performance of Rural Banks in Ghana: A Case Study of Selected Rural Banks in Ashanti Region

eric nkansah, Kofi Oware Mintah


Information and communication technology has for the last two decades become very popular with major commercial banks in Ghana.  Lately, most of the rural banks have also computerized and networked their operations and many more gearing up to be computerized. According to ARB Apex Bank, with the support of Bank of Ghana, they will be embarking on nationwide computerization of all the rural banks in Ghana. This research study aims to examine the relationship between the ICT usage and the financial performance of the rural banks from the perspective of four computerized rural banks, namely; Sekyere; Amansie; Bosomtwe; and Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank. Perceptions of the management staff of the rural banks, branch managers, staff members and customers were collected using a survey method. In all 212 people were sampled from the four Rural Banks. Interviews were carried out to collect data from key stakeholders in the computerized rural banks. Three types of questionnaires were prepared and distributed among management and head office staff, branch managers and branch staff. Both semi-structured and 5-point likert scale questionnaire were developed. Data analysis was done using linear regression and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The analysis revealed that ICT usage (ICT application, ICT literacy and attitude towards ICT) has a positive linear relationship with the financial performance (deposit mobilization, profit and loan recovery) of the rural banks.

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