Corporate Governance and Sustainability: A Commitment to Society

Sunil Kumar, Tanushri Purohit


Corporate governance reform efforts of the past decade have confronted decade-old efforts to typical social and environment responsibility of corporations and a mounting awareness that firms’ inedible balance sheet environmental and social impacts can have substantial financial consequences. This encounter has fuelled a question regarding the degree and nature of convergence between corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

The maximised value for all stakeholders i.e. shareholder, investors, employees, customer, suppliers, environment and the community at large is the aim of corporate governance. For this purpose corporate allocates resources in a proper manner. It can be accounted by evaluating their decision on transparency, inclusivity and responsibility.

This paper will focus on growing demand for enhanced accountability and disclosures across companies on sustainability issues. Stakeholders are concerned that possible violations of workers right and environmental standards even by suppliers may create branding reputational and ultimately financial risk for the companies.

Investors and consumers are placing strong pressure on organisations to consider the impact of environmental, social and economic performance across value chain.


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