corporate social responsibility: ethics and challenges in india

vandana gupta


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of the corporate entity towards the society in consideration of the support given and sacrifices made by the society. The corporations exploit the natural resources of the country, cause incidental damage to environment and inconvenience to the people of the project area. Therefore, they have a responsibility towards the society to share a part of their profit. In India companies like TATA and Birla are practicing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for decades, long before CSR become a popular basis.  CSR is in a very much budding stage. A lack of understanding, inadequately trained personnel, coverage, policy etc. further adds to the reach and effectiveness of CSR programs. Large no. of companies are undertaking these activities superficially and promoting/ highlighting the activities in Media. This article focuses on the finding & reviewing of the issues and challenges faced by CSR activities in India.


Keywords: CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Societal Marketing, Central Public Sector Enterprises, incidental damage, Sustainable development.






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