An Enquiry into the State of Corporate Governance in India: Evolution and Key Issues

Shweta Mehrotra


Abstract: Corporate Governance reforms in India are at a crossroads; while corporate governance codes have been drafted with a deep understanding of the governance standards around the world, there is still a need to focus on developing more appropriate solutions that would evolve from within and therefore address the India-specific challenges more efficiently. This paper complies a history of the evolution of corporate governance reforms in India and through a survey of existing research, identifies issues that are peculiar to the Indian context and which are not being adequately addressed in the existing corporate governance framework. The purpose of the study is to state a chronological perspective of the corporate governance in India and to subsequently address the key issues. Therefore, start with an overview on the subject of the key problems of corporate governance in transition. The paper concludes by emphasizing the corporate governance enforcement gap and by identifying research issues that require further study.

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