Effect of Chemical and Packaging material in Enhancing Shelf life of Litchi for Exports from Uttarakhand: Prospects in Value Chain Efficiencies

Navin Chandra Nainwal




Litchi fruit is highly perishable with short shelf life, therefore, requires technologies for enhancing keeping quality. This paper reviews the recent research work on effect on shelf life of chemicals and packaging material for promotion of exports in Uttarakhand. Thus in the present investigations Oxalic acid (10%) dip proved to be most efficient in reducing browning in cold storage. When Oxalic acid was applied as an anti-browning agent, it could increase peel acidity and maintain the redness of the peel (Sommano et al., 2011). Oxalic acid effectively suppressed colour deterioration in litchi fruits at a minimum concentration of 10%, prevented pericarp and restored the red colour (Saengnil et al., 2006). Fruits subjected to Oxalic acid (10%) treatment were superior in terms of reduced weight loss, to all other treatments. It was also observed that total sugar contents increased progressively with increase in storage interval. Among all the packaging materials, C3 (Polyvinylchloride) was found most affective in reducing weight loss.


Keywords: Post harvest, quality, storage, litchi, physiology, browning.

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