Determinants of Female Employment in Pakistan

Shireen Safdar, Dr. Nisar Ahmad


The study evaluates the determinants of female employment in urban and rural area of Pakistan. The study uses Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement Survey (PSLM) 2007-08, data conducted by the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS), Government of Pakistan Islamabad. The role of female in nation building is very important in every aspect. The situation of female employment in country varies according to the social and cultural conditions. Although so many restrictions are applied on female work in Pakistan but recently the status of female work is improving in the society. Rural and urban women both are contributing employment role in the economy. They are working in all most all the sectors of economy and providing benefits to their families and society. However still the rate of female employment is very low and there is a need to improve it. Results of the study indicate that age, marital status, location, number of children and female schooling are important and significant determinants of the female employment in Pakistan.



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