E-Banking -New Emerging Trends in Indian Banking Industry

pallavi gupta


Today banking is known as innovative banking. Information technology has given rise to new innovations in the product designing and their delivery in the banking and finance industries, customer services and customer satisfaction are their prime work. Under the regime of banking sector reforms, IT Act of 1999 gave new dimensions to the Indian banking sector. IT has created transformation in banking structure, business process, work culture and human resource development. The new evolution in same field is E-Banking i.e. though   Electronic channels, such as the telephone, the internet, the cell phone, etc. The concept and scope of E-banking is still evolving. It facilitates an effective payment and accounting system thereby enhancing the speed of delivery of banking services considerably. While E-banking has improved efficiency and convenience, it has also posed several challenges to the regulators and supervisors .The paper suggests some measures to tackle the challenges faced by the banks particularly public sector banks. At the end, paper suggests how public sector banks can convert the emerging challenges into opportunities.

Key words: Information Technology, Productivity, Profitability, Efficiency, E-Banking Challenges, Opportunity

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