Determinants of Job Satisfaction: A Study on Bangladesh Perspective

Abdullah Al Mamun Sarwar


Job satisfaction as an attitude resulting from a balancing and summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job. Extant literature mostly focused on job satisfaction in developed world context. Determinants of job satisfaction in developing world context are largely ignored whereas there are significant difference among the nature, personality and culture of the employees of developed and developing countries. This paper attempts to explore the determinants of job satisfaction in Bangladesh perspective. It focused on six factors – Job, Pay, Promotion, Supervision, Colleagues and Environment as the key determinants of job satisfaction based on the extant literature. The study conducted a survey based on structured questionnaire, which revealed that job, pay, promotion, supervision have significant impact on job satisfaction while other two factors – colleagues and environment are not found to have significant impact on job satisfaction of Bangladeshi employees. At the end, this paper suggest that, in order to attain the job satisfaction of the employees, the human resource managers of Bangladesh should concentrate more on the nature of the job, promotion, payment and supervision more than colleagues and the environment of the office / job.

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