Food consumption patterns in quick service restaurants in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Pamela Landreville


Food consumption patterns in quick service restaurants in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Objective: This research study aimed to explore Congolese consumers’ food consumption patterns in Kinshasa, DRC. The fast food industry is growing in the Congolese capital and understanding consumers is valuable to increase clients’ satisfaction, business development, positive health indicators, and socio cultural acceptance.


Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of Congolese consumers approached by convenience sampling in Kinshasa. The employed research instruments were structured survey questionnaire, in-depth interviews and direct observations. The quantitative data collected were analysed through the use of SPSS.


Results: Findings from this research study first demonstrated that Congolese consumers do have a positive perception of leisure and dining experiences in quick service restaurants in Kinshasa. Food and drinks ordered by the customers are often the most affordable ones on quick service restaurants menus; sandwiches, shawarmas, and/or fried potatoes paired with soft drinks. In terms of culture, foreign foods served in quick service restaurants rarely take into account the eating habits and local culture of the local population. Overall, the whole concept of Western inspired quick service restaurants is gaining in popularity in the Congolese capital, especially among the younger population.


Conclusion: Overall, food and drink menus, guests experience, and profitability in quick service restaurants could surely be all enhanced by adjusting parameters to local realities and consumers’ preferences.


Keywords: Food consumption, Fast food, Restaurant industry, Africa, Kinshasa, Consumer behaviour

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