Awareness of Consumers on the Green Marketing Initiatives of Corporates

Chaarlas Lazar Jaganathan, Noorunnisha Syed Abbas, Rajkumar Ramachandran


The threatening alarm of Global Warming pushes the coporates towards sharing the responsibility of making a safe environment for all by involving themselves as a party to the Social Contract – an invisible agreement lying between the society and coporates. This growing importance of an eco-friendly approach, has paved the way for a new dimension of marketing – the Green Marketing. Green marketing is still found at its nascent stage due to the lack of awareness of consumers on eco-friendly activities of corporates. In order to bring in the awareness of green marketing, the corporates are bound to educate their consumers on the importance of environmental protection rather than adopting the green marketing initiatives. To make green marketing successful it is essential that the coporates adopt these functions with the approach of volunteerism and responsibility over the society and environment which has given them existence and survival.





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