A Study of Online Shopping Behaviour among Working and Non-Working Women (Location – Suburban Mumbai, District – Mumbai)

Subodh Sakpal, Dr Rashmi Soni


The above research paper looks into women perceptions according to their occupation towards Online Shopping. A questionnaire was designed with a sample size of 100 in suburban Mumbai. Online shopping is the new trend and women shoppers are driving the market. Online shopping has changed the landscape of brick and mortar shops and changed the perceptions of people particularly women. The study covers the aspects of Online Shopping and the spending ability of working-non-working women. In addition, it also covers consumer shopping behaviour and the role of women in shopping. Past Literature was reviewed and it was understood that Women play a major role when it comes to online shopping and are also the main shopper even for their family members. Most of the women who shop online find convenience to be a major motivator. Moreover, consumers who enjoy online shopping are females and hence are been considered to be noteworthy force in the Online shopping industry. The overall goal of the research is to achieve better understanding of consumer shopping behaviour and the role of women in shopping with respective to their occupation.

Keywords: Internet, E-Commerce, Online shopping, Gender and Women online shopping

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