Dinesh Madhavan Nair, Rajendran R, Nataraj Balasubramanian


Purpose: The primary objective of this research article is to explore the preferential choices of customers opting for mobile number portability. The recent blackout of a leading mobile service provider in India has led to a great disturbance in the minds of the customers and they were forced to opt for mobile number portability. This research article used conjoint analysis to explore the choice of using port option.

Research Methodology/ Approach: Explorative analysis was used to explore the preference of portability. The attributes that are essential for mobile service providers were selected from existing literature. Conjoint analysis cards that consists of attributes of the mobile service provider were encrypted in the cards and the customers were asked to provide a rating score for each card in a 100 point scale. The cards are were then used for conjoint analysis with the help of R-Studio software.

Findings: The conjoint analysis on the mobile number portability revealed that the customers prefer their mobile service provider based on three major attributes namely Brand Image, Perceive value for money and benefits for porting. The findings also revealed that the utility value for different brands of the mobile service providers. The customers preferred Vodafone when compared to other mobile service providers followed by Airtel and BSNL.

Practical Implication: The research will be useful for the academicians, policy makers, mobile service providers and also the researchers. The research will be useful for the academicians to understand the psychology of the customers using mobile number portability. The mobile service providers can make use of this research to device strategies that will outsmart competition in the industry. Since the research is using customer level primary data the researchers can use similar type of study to explore the factors influencing the choice of customers in other industries as well. The policy makers like Telephone Regulatory Authority of India can make use of such research to monitor mobile number portability and understand the mobile users in a better way. The regulatory authorities can also make use of this research to restrict monopoly trade practices in the nation.

Key words: Conjoint Analysis, Customers’ Perception, Mobile Number Portability.

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