Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Role of Academia

Dr. Rajeev Singh


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the combination of the empathic approach &  Intellectual capability that equips an organisation to include Public Interest into corporate  decision making. This motto of CSR strongly gets fulfilled through the interventions of  Academia. The role of Academia in CSR may get understood with the real time fact that Education has been on top priority for the society since ages. The society requires educated class to have a perfect base to dwell upon. The social responsibility factor today not just signifies the efforts of the Industry only, instead every human sector today is ignited to serve better in order to have a better society. This article attempts to highlight the role of academia in CSR while understanding the concept of CSR. The article further emphasizes on the aim of social responsibilities while highlighting linkage between the Academia & Industry. The secondary sources of data were considered for collating the thoughts & perspectives. The scope of discussion being the world of academia at large rather any specific region or sector for the study, hence this may lead to be the limitation for the study. The thoughts & perspectives gathered & presented through the article are indicative in nature. The role of Academia in CSR is a respectful theme with a huge scope of discussion & action.

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