Argument Writing On Goal Setting Theory of Locke

Getnet Tilahun


A wide variety of settings around the globe using widely different tasks in both laboratory and field settings have been conducted on the internal and external validity of goal setting theory (Latham & Locke, 2007).  Researchers have concluded that goal setting theory is among the most robust, valid, and practical motivation theories of organizational behavior (Miner, 2005).  But despite these robust findings, the practicability of Goal Setting Theory (GST) as a means to increase performance will not work in all culture and in all environment thereby employing MBO.   Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to investigate the practicality of Locke’s theory of goal setting (i.e. Specific and difficulty goals than no goals) using MBO on the area of culture and environment to evaluate how much GST practicable and feasible in the actual work setting beyond much of the laboratory or field settings.

Keywords: goal setting

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