Analyzising the status of dalit girl students in collegiate education - Coimbatore city.



Analyzising the status of dalit girl students in collegiate education - Coimbatore city.


Dr.S.Srividhya, Dean-commerce, Mr.B.Santhosh kumar, Assistant professor and Mr.B.H.Singu, Assistant professor, Department of Commerce, Rathinam College of Arts And Science, Coimbatore.

Tamilnadu claims to be the 3rd most urbanized State in the Country, But, it is a sad fact that benefits of urbanization have not reached the dalits in Tamilnadu as much as for others. Right to education for dalits (like the right to own land) has been another
basic denial in the traditional caste system, over the centuries. Dalits, as per the 2011census, form 20.01% of  the total Tamilnadu population. Tamilnadu is the only States that have greater percentage of their population as dalits. Dalits in Tamilnadu are surely a significant section of the people of Tamilnadu. Considering the inequalities faced by Dalit girl students in their life, at the national level and state level, many of the social scientists, teachers, researchers and
students have already conducted few studies. Such studies are forming basis
for the present study. but, however, there is no such in depth and concreted study has been conducted in particular to the collegiate education In Coimbatore according to 2011 census the total dalit population is 53,5911which constitutes 21.80% of city population. The literacy rate of dalit students is only 68.94% (2011 census –tn).Coimbatore plays an very important role in field of collegiate education especially in dalit students category. 200 dalit girl students in collegiate education were taken as sample respondents. t-Test, correlation,ANOVA and other suitable toolscat has been used.the results shows that educational and financial status has not been influenced by the income level but the financial status has been influenced by the income level of the dalit college girl students in Coimbatore city. It can be mentioned that there is no such comprehensive study dealing with all dimensions of many facted like social, financial ,educational problems that they are facing in addition to the existing. Further this first study which undertakes the interrelationship of different variables. Hence it is unique in all aspects and which will lead to meaningful suggestions for the further study.

Key words: dalits, college girl students, status.


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