Determinants of Dividend in Indian Banking Sector-A Review

Ruchi Mangla, Manisha Goel, Manisha Goel


Dividend decision is very significant financial decision as the decision of dividend affects not only the profitability of the business concerned but also its growth and development in future. In dividend decision, a business decides on the portion of revenue to be distributed as dividends or to be ploughed back into the firm. Dividend policy is the most talked about and researched topic in finance. There is a plethora of research being done on why companies should or should not pay dividends.  Various researchers have tried to explain and empirically test the determinants of dividend. In spite of much research, there is no agreement on the common determinants of dividend and the factors affecting dividend seem to vary with country, industrial sector and the type of firm. The article examines the factors affecting dividend policy of banking sector in India.

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