A Comparative Study of the Key Banking Indicators of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Savitha Balasubramanian


In the last few years the Indian banking sector has shown remarkable resilience and has managed to meet the challenges of being financial service providers in a globalised competitive environment. They are striving hard to meet ever-growing customer needs and also reaching out to the unbanked sectors of the economy in order to bring about socio economic development. The use of technological innovation by banks has helped them to improve on their business processes, thus resulting in lower financial and management costs. The recent Domestic and international economic developments have impacted the asset quality of both public and private sector banks in the country although they have maintained their profitability. In this context this paper attempts to analyse and compare the key banking indicators of these banks using statistical tools with a view to providing an insight into how these banks can bring in competitive advantage in a challenging business environment.

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