Managerial Perceptions of Climate of Innovation and Organizational Commitment in Private Sector Organizations in Ethiopia.

Aravind Soudikar, Ato.Hailemariam Mamo


Innovation is the process of making change to something established, by introducing something new. It may refer to both radical and incremental changes to products, processes or services. In organizations, it refers to creativity, which ultimately should improve the standards of organizations as well as commitment of its members. The present Indian perspective highlights the importance of innovative support climate for enhancing organizational commitment in Indian organizations. The study examined the relationships between managerial perceptions of the climate for innovation and the affective and continuance organizational commitment (OC) among managerial personnel in manufacturing and services organizations in Ethiopia. It was expected that the perceptions of the climate for innovation would be positively related with the levels of the organizational commitment among the managerial personnel of the organizations under study. The study was conducted on a sample of 100 managerial personnel from a large-scale private sector organizations in Ethiopia. Results demonstrated that among the four dimensions of innovation, creativity and barriers were positively related with the affective OC, while, novelty was negatively related with the affective OC. Further, creativity was positively related with the continuance OC, but, novelty was negatively related with the continuance OC. Stepwise regression analysis showed that, among the dimensions of innovation-supportive climate, creativity positively predicted the affective OC, while, novelty negatively predicted the affective OC. Accordingly, creativity was also found to predict the continuance OC positively, while, recognition and novelty predicted the continuance OC negatively. The results highlight the importance of climate for innovative support for increasing the organizational commitment among managerial personnel in organizations.

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