An Investigation of Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Asian Developing Countries: A Case of District Hyderabad, Sindh Province of Pakistan

Mehtab Siddiqui, Akhtar Siddiqui


This study investigates the challenges faced by the female entrepreneurs while running their privately-owned businesses in District Hyderabad of Sindh Province of Pakistan, which may be generalized to other developing countries. Majority women entrepreneurs in District Hyderabad are providing services mainly in three business sectors i.e. education, parlor and boutique, and 114 women entrepreneurs were targeted to gather data for present study. The data collected was subjected to quantitative analysis and employed structured interview using survey questionnaire to appraise the key constraints that impedes the performance and growth of women entrepreneurs in District Hyderabad. A structured interview using survey questionnaire was developed and employed in the study area to assess the main key factors that create hindrances on the performance of women entrepreneurs in District Hyderabad of Sindh Province. This study focused on three main areas of profession where most of women entrepreneurs serve in District Hyderabad i.e. education, parlors and boutiques. The findings revealed that more than socio-cultural constraints women entrepreneurs face economic barriers i.e. stiff competition, complicated legal formalities, critical regulatory environment. Managerial and technological barrier also affect on the performance but women entrepreneurs have potentials to overcome the problems / constraints / challenges.

Key Words: Entrepreneurs, Privately-owned Business, Constraints, Performance.

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