Emotional Maturity in relation to Socio –Economic Status among Urban Adolescents

Dr. Neeta Gupta, Neharshi Srivastava


Emotional Maturity in relation to Socio –Economic Status among Urban Adolescents


Dr. Neeta Gupta*& Neharshi Srivastava**

*Asso. Prof.(DAVPG College Dehradun)

**Research Scholar (H.N.B Gharwal Central University, Srinagar)

(Email Address- neharshi@gmail.com, 9839378655)



The present study has tried to explore Emotional maturity in relation to Socio-Economic status among urban adolescents. For this data was collected on 100 respondents equally divided into adolescents belonging to high (n=50) and low (n=50) Socio-economic status. They were further equally divided into two groups on the basis of their gender High SES = 50 (Male=25, female= 25), Low SES =50 (Male=25, female= 25). The Emotional Maturity of the respondents was measured by using Emotional Maturity Scale by Roma Pal (1984). The results have revealed that girls were found to report more Flexibility and Adaptability than boys while boys were found to report more  Emotional-Regression and Faulty Social Adjustment than girls. Faulty Social Adjustment was reported more among Low Socio-Economic Status  respondents while no other significant results were found on any other dimensions of Emotional Maturity across SES.



Keywords:- Adolescents, Emotional Maturity, Socio-Economic Status

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