“Hardware, software Implementationin Internet Banking Technology”

Minakshi Bhosale


The banking sector in India has come upon a speedy transformation. The actual primary purpose behind this change is the result of the enhanced security and encryption routines created on the Internet. The second reason is banks would be unwilling to lose a potential market share to banks that are willing to offer their services on the Internet. Banking Industry is a piece of the economy in the world. Today we are placed in the time of globalization around the world. Worldwide acquaintances have acknowledged globalization as their first vital decision. Improvement in technology has encouraged globalization also. E-commerce, e-marketing, e-banking are today’s buzzwords. Banks have transformed them and are offering services through the Internet. The banking sector is growing rapidly to adopt the Internet banking technology with a variety of services. The specific objective of research study was to know the hardware and software requirement of Internet banking. Knowing this hardware requirement researcher has been selected private and public banks in Satara district as a sample for the study.


Keyword: -Ecommerce, IT (Information Technology), Internet banking, Data center,Hardware

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