Ms. Monika Dahiya, Dr. Bhuvnender Chaudhary


Investment ambition of the salaried class is actually an assurance to shelter the consumption of all regular financial inflow with a futuristic outlook for numerous reasons. The 30% (Ref Table 1) fixed deposit preference of this salaried class of the society makes it necessary to study their attitude for investments, level of investment awareness and their anticipation of returns based on the factors which have an upper hand on their investment choices. This paper is in fact an effort to delineate the relationship between the leading societal and demographic factors of the salaried personnel that impinge on the investment criteria namely, investment awareness, investment attitude and investment returns. In particular, this study pursued on the salaried people of Saharanpur city is accomplished with a focus to figure out the utilities of financial policies favoring public. Above all, the focus of this paper is an eye-opener for alike pragmatic study on a larger scale of the whole nation to offer evidence to fabricate enviable investment policies to cater to the requirement of the nation with a holistic perspective.


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