Adjustment and Stress in relation to Mindfulness Meditation among Adolescents

Dr.Neeta Gupta, Neharshi Srivastava


The Present study tries to explore the effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Adjustment & Stress among adolescents. For this data was collected randomly from Mirza Beg Degree College, Aazamgarh, U.P on 100 adolescents (50 Males and 50 females). Sings Personal Stress Source Inventory(SPSSI)by Singh & Singh (2005) &Adjustment Inventory for College Students (AICS) developed by Sinha& Singh (2005) were utilized to measure Stress & Adjustment of the respondents respectively. The Intervention Program (Mindfulness Meditation) proceeded through 12 sessions. The respondents were given 12 sessions for Mindfulness Meditation. Each session consisted of 30 minutes. The Result of the present study revealed some significant finding indicating that Mindfulness Meditation was significantly effective for reduce the level of Stress and for improving quality of total adjustment & for its various dimensions such as Home, Health, Social, Educational and Emotional adjustment among adolescents.

Keywords:-, Adjustment, Adolescents, Mindfulness Meditation. Stress.


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