Dr. A Gajendran Shanthi


This research mainly concentrating on Pre-travel expectations of the passengers’ is the main cause of passenger’s level of satisfaction. The researcher collected primary data for this study through the research questionnaire and also from secondary sources such as newspapers, magazines, government annual reports and official websites of SETC, TNSTC and Private Omni buses. The researcher, by himself collected the data with the assistance of trained people at CMBT bus terminus and Private Omni bus terminus operated at Koyambedu, Chennai. The total duration taken for data collection is around two years, the data collection carried out during festival season, summer season, vacation period, slack season. The collected data properly analyzed with the help of appropriate statistical tools like Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, t-Test, Chi-square test and ANOVA to justify assumptions. Totally 10 pre travel expectations related variables are identified and by principal component method , the same was reduced in to 3 factors ,  the results were found through SPSS Version 22 and the same was clearly presented in this research study for the readers understanding and for their references.  The results shown in this research article is entirely on the basis of opinion of the total respondents. 500 samples were taken out of that, on the basis of proportionate basis, the samples were taken from government and private sector bus transport service industries at Chennai district. 500 respondents were interviewed at various centers of service providers like boarding point, bus terminus, and passenger’s leisure room and at bus terminus. The total research paper tries to justify the connectivity status between the pre travel expectation and passenger’s level of satisfaction. This research is the first attempt in Chennai district in bus transport sector, effort contributed by the researcher and it is purely his original work. The researcher hopes that this research is going to encourage the other researcher in future in the different aspects of research work under the same area.


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