“A Study on Passengers’ Opinion and Approach about the Government Passengers’ Transport Services: A Special Case of Gujarat State Road Transportation Corporation"



A person travels from one place to other to accomplish their daily needs of their life. In the past, people were using many transportation media like a bullock cart, a cycle rickshaw, through walking etc. as a means of transportation vehicles. However, public transport still remains the primary mode of transport for most of the population. To commence this survey
work the researchers have used convenient sampling method to collect the samples from Mehsana region. Here, collected 300 samples were analyzed with the help of statistical software SPSS.16. For the analysis of the data researchers have used statistical tools like Graphs, Descriptive statistics, x square - test, t- test, and Binomial test were used. Analysis of the data exposed that the passengers travel by ST bus is not  significantly associated with the  demographic variables like age, income, gender, etc. Moreover, it’s also emphasize that equal  proportion of male and female passengers’ travel by GSRTC with same purpose and their traveling expenses per month is less than Rs.500 and they feel that GSRTC should take a proper care of their buses and should also improve the behavior of their employees and are not in favor of privatization of the organization.

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