A Study on Performance of Banks – A Statistical Analysis

Dr. Eknath B Khedkar



The existing market is full of uncertainties and there exist a huge competition among the public and private sectors. With globalization and liberalization many foreign players are also entering the market to give equal competitions to the public and private sectors. The entry of fresh players creates opportunities and also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in the existing situation. In this highly competitive scenario, the current research paper will demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of public, private and foreign banks in our country. It will thoroughly analyze the present situation of banks in the competitive market. The study will focus from time period of 2009-2013. The data supported for this paper is secondary data and the research design is descriptive research. To understand the performance of banks several parameters were considered for analysis such as no of branches, deposits, investments, income, other income, no of employees, business per employee and profit per employee. Statistical test is undergone to test the hypothesis framed for validating the performance of banks. Through this research work the researcher made a sincere attempt to understand the performance as well as relation of employee productivity on performance.


Keywords – Banks (Public, Private & Foreign Sector)

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