A Case Study on Psychological and Physical Stress Undergone By Married Working Women India

ramasethu sethu alagarsamy


Abstract: Women in India have come a long way after independence from just a skilled homemaker to acquired skills and capabilities at par with their male counterparts. But still more conflict arises with the working mother who has to fulfill the demand at work followed by various demands at home. This can leave a working woman anxious and stressed. The past research on the study of stress in working women was dealing with the surveying of working women carried out in various institutions like hospitals, BPO’s.,etc. The current study deals with the study of working women at Agni College of Technology (Educational institution).The present study is based on primary data through pilot study. Questionnaire was the main tool for collecting the primary data. The research analysis was carried out by percentage evaluation method. This study revealed that stress in married working women is caused due to long working hours, various family and official commitments, harassments and improper work life balance. Such type of stress leads to various problems such as prolonged headaches, hypertension and obesity. Stress can be relieved from institutional support, balancing work and life by spending time with family, entertainments, yoga and rest.


Keywords: physical problems in married women, psychological stress in women, stress causes, stress reduction, working mothers



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