“A Study on Customers’ Perception towards the Factors Influencing the Service Quality of Public Sector Banks in Tirunelveli District”

Stephen Abraham G, Dr.Lourdes Poobala Rayen




Customer satisfaction is the key ingredient to the success of any business. In the recent years the presence of a number of private sectors and foreign banks has made the Indian banking sector more competitive. So it is essential for the banks to satisfy the customers by providing quality services to them. This paper focuses on the factors influencing the service quality of the public sector banks. Identification of the factors influencing the service quality of banks, comparison of perception among different group of customers and to analyze the association between the profile of customers and the influencing factors are the objectives of this paper. Proportionate random sampling technique was used to select the respondents and interview schedule was used to collect information from the respondents.  The collected data were analyzed using the mean score, one way analysis of variance and Exploratory Factor Analysis. Findings related to the factors influencing the service quality. This paper throws light about the factors influencing the service quality of the banks and the steps to be considered to provide better service to the customers.

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