Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in India

Surekha M Thacker, Kshitij M Thacker


In India, IP awareness is very low hence IP culture is required to an enabling environment. Many scientists, highly skilled & technocrats educated persons don’t know about patents. Hence there is urgent need to increase the awareness of IP in academics & industries.


The future focus of research is going to be on mutual relationship with academic institutions /university & industry cooperation. Intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a key driver in knowledge economy. Firms view IP as a valuable corporate asset and a strategic business tool.



Internet sites:

Books & Publications:

Patents, Trade Marks, Copy Right Designs & Geographical Indications – B.L.Wadera

Intellectual Property Law in India - P.S.Narayana

WIPO Guide to Intellectual Property Worldwide

WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook

Indian patent office - Manual of Patent Practice & procedure

NIIPM/ IPO, India training

IPO, India - Annual report

Original Bayh-Dole Bill

Gearing Up For Patents - The Indian Scenario – Dr Prabuddha Ganguli

Proposed Protection and Utilization of Public Funded IP Bill

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