“Deployment of an ERP in Cooperative Sugar Industry: An Opportunity or a Challenge?”

Varada Shashank Inamdar, Amit Pande


Computerization in Cooperative sugar industry ranges in its scope from simple applications like MS Excel up to Sugar ERP developed by Vasantdada Sugar Institute and many more. Such systems are used from stand alone PCs up to a huge LANS and smart cards created and maintained by MIS departments. Researcher in current work wants to highlight success and failure factors and reasons in focus Cooperative sugar industry in Maharashtra. Going beyond traditional concerns of system ‘productivity’ and ‘efficiency’, System Effectiveness concerns extend to all systems - engineering, business and social systems all alike. Recent trends in the field of Computer Science and Information technology are intended not only to provide information systems for data processing in the organizations but also to bring technology on the interfaces i.e. processes should be given priority for improving effectiveness of the system. To achieve this, the only solution is designing and implementation of an Enterprise  Recourse Planning  Systems.

It is observed that effective utilization of an ERP will not only help act as a powerful tool in enhancement of system’s performance but also  results in improvising effectiveness of these practices. Scheming an ERP can bridge this space in effectiveness of computerization enhancement of system’s performance. Paper discusses the challenges faced in the factories where In-spite of automation, performance is not up to the mark.

Keywords: ERP System, Knowledge sharing


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