Consumer’s Perception towards Modern Retailing in Food and Grocery Sector

Ramprabha .K, Frank Sunil Justus .T


In recent days the increase in per capita disposable income, exposure to global information and life style, urbanization, and the prevalence of nuclear family structure ensured a rapid evolution in the food purchase behaviour of Indian consumers resulting in the growth and acceptance of modern retail formats. A modern retail store’s atmosphere should affect the shoppers’ mood/emotions and willingness to visit. They influence the consumers’ judgments towards the quality of the store. This study focuses on the consumer perception towards modern retailing across time convenience, atmospherics, accessibility, product assortment, price and promotions, clientele, product quality, store layout and shopping experience factors. A total of 200 male and female respondents were included in the study and was conducted to find out the criteria which the respondents took into account while purchasing food and groceries in supermarkets. The collected data was entered into SPSS 16.0 and result were analyzed and interpreted through non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test to find the main objectives. A significant relationship was determined between the scores the consumers received from; it was found that majority of the consumers are visiting organized formats for variety, easy availability, cleanliness, parking etc. Today’s retail customers have ever more demanding expectations of value, choice, availability and accessibility of products and services. Further studies can be carried out by taking shops across different geographical location and involving more number of retailers.

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