A research on Innovation barriers facing MENA countries service firms based in china

Othman Abada


Innovation is generally omnipresent in all fields, enterprises are facing unpredictable changes in their surrounding, and also a growing consumer expectations, its hard for firms to survive these challenges, therefore now its becoming an urge for firms to innovate and offer new services or products with a good price to their consumers .If an enterprise is not innovating this doesn’t mean that’s its rival is not doing so, innovation can lead to keeping a sustainable growth and help enterprises to stay one step ahead of competition .in order for a firm to succeed in its innovative policy it should be engaged in a wide range of changes to any of its technologies processes, service or business model .the number of MENA countries’ firms based in china in rapidly growing which rise competition to higher levels .for this reason firms have to cope with these challenges ,by implementing innovative strategies however these strategies are hampered by some barriers .that can be divided into internal barriers and external ones .this results have an important impact on the innovation policy ,as on the enterprise .

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