Stress among Students:A Comparison Between Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Ambalika Sinha, Divya Sharma


Stress is normal and it can help a student keep track of his tasks but it only becomes a deterrent to good life when it gets in the way of living a healthy lifestyle. Youngsters today are experiencing high levels of stress. The sources of stress are diverse for youngsters in different age levels. Among 13-17 year old, academics is by far most commonly mentioned source. Among 18-24 old, it is jobs and financial matters. Academic and career related pressures are ruining the life of young people. An average teenager today wants excel in school, perform well in sports, keep up with the latest trends and choose the right higher education stream. Youngsters in their 20’s want a well paid job, they want saving for buying assets and also want to choose the right life partner. Added to this is the pressure to try and meet the expectations of the parents. This study attempted to find the level of stress among the post and under graduate students , which group of student face more stress. It was found thatunder graduate students have higher level of stress as compared to post graduate students.

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