“Who Buy What Online?” -- Implications of Age, Gender, and Marital Status for Online Shopping of Physical Goods: A Study

andal ammisetti


Demographic characteristics have often been used as a means of explaining customers’ reactions to marketers’ efforts and strategies. Many researchers found that consumers having different demographic characteristics exhibit different purchase behaviors and have different thresholds to switching. Results of the present study showed the presence of significant effects of gender, age and marital status on what e-shoppers buy online. For the purposes of the present study, a ‘user’ of a virtual store was taken to be a person who had visited and purchased from a virtual store at least once in the three months prior to answering the questionnaire.

The aim of the current research study is to understand the impact of age, gender and marital status on type of physical goods purchased online. Variables like a) age, b) gender, c) marital status, d) level of education, e) occupation, f) vehicle owned (as an yardstick for measuring the affluence), g) proficiency in computer literacy h) number of years of experience in using internet, and i) online shopping experience are considered for understanding the socio-demographic profile  of online shoppers.  Though all the variables do impact what online customer buy, for the purpose of current study only age, gender and marital status are considered.

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