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Finance is a strategic decision making area where risk and return goes hand in hand. In this complex environment, global village concept has a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities. A new threat to business today i.e. commitment to countries to reduce pollution because of global warming is converted in to a opportunity by creating a market mechanism through CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM).  As a new branch of Environmental finance Carbon finance is applied to investments in GHG emission reduction projects and the creation of financial instruments that are tradable on the carbon market. The paper deals with the basic concepts involved in carbon finance primarily with how various CDM project is financed and the benefits of  financing for both  host countries and home countries . As a part of analysis a bilateral railway project is considered to understanding funding pattern and in a way they get carbon credits. The parties involved are DMRC AND JAPAN CARBON FINANCE




“CARBON CREDITS - Project Financing in India” By Mr. Arjun of JBIMS

Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Delhi Metro By M N Murty, Kishore Kumar Dhavala, Meenakshi Ghosh and Rashmi Singh

Sustainability profile of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Monish Gulati

Regenerative Braking in metro rolling stock Authors-S.S Joshi, OH Pande, Arun Kumar

Financial Performance of Metro System(DMRC) and Bus System(DTC): Policy Implications G. Tiwari and Rahul Goel

Implementing Clean Development Mechanism CDM):Some Cases from India Punam Singh

Emission Reduction Success Story: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation by Ushakiran Madari, Sustainability Consultant

climate change – An opportunity for sustainable development –THE DMRC EXPERIENCE by Dr .E . SREEDHARAN managing director , new delhi. S

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