A Contemporary desk Analysis of Public Distribution System in India/ Madhya Pradesh

Rajeev Singh


The Public Distribution System (PDS) plays an important role in the provision of food security. PDS in India facilitates the supply of food grains to the poor at a subsidized price. It also helps to modulate open - market prices for commodities that are distributed through the system. Government accords great importance to the objective of measuring outcomes of PDS so as to ensure that equal distribution system serves up the purpose for which it was set up. The present paper (Attempts a GAP) analyzes of the loopholes in the functioning of agencies like Food Corporation of India & Central Warehousing Corporation engaged in the procurement, transportation, storage and distribution. And suggests remedial measures to make the PDS transparent, efficient and effective without which the vision of food for all cannot be attained in India.


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Affidavit submitted in the Supreme Court of India in the writ petition 196/2001 by the Dept. of Food & Civil Supplies, Govt. of M.

Study Conducted by Right to Food Campaign Madhya Pradesh.

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