“Listening to Music and Stress Relief” (A Qualitative and experimental Research in Stress Management done at IIMA)

C.K.Kotravel Bharathi


When the author was doing his full-time FDPM program in the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, in 2008, he had an opportunity to do the qualitative research in management as part of the requirements of his course.  He took up a study in stress management.  In FDPM, the participants had to do lot of mandatory assignments, preparations for presentations, huge amount of readings and review of cases.  This also added some stress.  So he felt it was more appropriate to study the stress of the participants and the way how it was released.  The Research problem that he took up to study there was “Did listening to music release or lessen the stress level?”. An experimental design was evolved by the researcher and the study was carried on systematically.  The labeling and codification was carefully done as per the norms of the qualitative research.

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