A Study on Consumer Awareness and Satisfaction towards Orange Flavored Soft drinks in Tier-I Cities of Tamilnadu

Arivazhagan R, Geetha P


Abstract – One of the yardsticks to measure the success of any brand or product is the quantum of satisfaction it produces. Every advertisement intends to communicate some message to create awareness about the brand or product and to create a desire to purchase it. Hence, while planning for advertisement, the objective to be attained, the target audience, advertisement appeal, the coordination with the sales force should be taken into consideration. The study identifies the awareness level and consumer satisfaction towards orange flavored soft drink. The study was carried out for a period of two months. It is aimed to know the consumers’ view about the brand and its features. The advertisement for promoting the brand was evaluated to determine its effectiveness or the awareness it created among consumers. The study was carried out in tier 1 cities in Tamilnadu that is Chennai and Coimbatore with the sample size being 250. The primary data was obtained through a structured questionnaire and the secondary data was collected from company documents, magazines, Daily news papers and journals. Bar diagrams was used wherever necessary. The data has been analyzed using Percentage method, Correlation and Mean score value. Finally this study is concluded by giving tips to creating awareness and making satisfaction to the customer for orange flavored soft drinks for new launching brands by analyzing existing brands in tier-I cities in Tamilnadu.


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