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Step-by-step Guide for Manuscript Submission in any Journal
Six Steps to follow

Step 1: Click "New Submission"

Step 2: Select the Relevant Section from the drop-down menu as below:

Scroll down & Select all the check-box (to declare) in Submission Check-list and Click ‘Save and Continue’

Step 3: Click the Browse Button and Upload the “Submission file”, this file should not contain Author’s Name anywhere to ensure Blind review. The Author details and abstract can be uploaded as a separate file under supplementary files.

Step 4: Fill details about Authors, if there are more than one Author , click the “AddAuthor” button and fill all the Authors information and select the “Primary contact for editorial correspondance” to any one author

Scroll down to fill all the field with relevant data

Incase, if you face any time out error like below, press "F5" (or) the REFRESH button in your browser

Step 5: Author can submit the Supplementary files, related to the article, like the data file (as spreadsheet) or figures as (.jpg, .bmp,...) separate files, If there is no such files exist, this step can be skipped by clicking “Save and continue”

Step 6: Confirming the submission, Just click “Finish Submission”. Since we don’t charge for Article submission don’t click “PAYNOW".

Finally, Sooner you click “Finish Submission” an email will be trigerred.

For any support on Submission write to editor@theinternationaljournal.org

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