Study of Non-Performing Assets(NPA) and Its Impact on Banking sector In India

Sachin Napate, Shubham Mishra


NPA also known as Non-Performing Assets is defined as credit facility in respect of which the interest and installment of principal has remained 'past due' for a specified period of time. NPA is an important parameter in the analysis of financial performance of a bank. This paper presents the impact of NPAs in banking sector of India namely Scheduled Commercial Bank(SCB),Public Sector Bank(PSB),New Private Sector Bank(NPSB) and analyzed data as Gross NPA Ratio and Net NPA Ratio of different banks. This study aims to perform the analysis between private sector banks and public sector banks of India by the mean of NPAs.
Keywords: NPAs, SCB, PSB, Gross NPAs ratio, Net NPAs ratio

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